Why is ABPP Board Certification Important?

Board certification assures the public and the profession that the specialist in Couple and Family psychology has met the education, training and experience requirements, as well as demonstrating the advanced competencies required by the specialty through an individualized, peer reviewed examination.

The examination encompasses the following interrelated domains of professional competency:

  • Assessment and Intervention – The assessment and intervention competencies related to the practice of Couple and Family psychology specialty are fundamental aspects of the examination.
  • Science Base and Application – The science or discipline base of the specialty is the appropriate application of that base to the contemporary practice of Couple and Family psychology, including the applicants awareness of theory and research pertaining to issues of diversity e.g. ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, Couple and Family cultural issues, and Couple and Family populations.
  • Ethics and Legal Foundations – The awareness and appropriate exercise of ethical and legal standard. This includes the APA Ethical Principles and current statutory provisions and case law
    precedents applicable for the protection of the interests of families, the profession, and society.

For more information: http://www.abpp.org